Transport capacity
700 passengers per hour
up 0 to 1,7 meters / per sec
Up to 350 meters
Inclined length
Up to 50 meters

On slopes up to 350 m long with a height difference of up to 50 m, it is possible to use unsupported surface lifts. Such ropeways are usually installed on training slopes. The unsupported ropeways designed by us have a speed of movement from 0 to 1.7 m/s. Transport capacity is up to 720 people per hour.

This ropeway’s feature is the absence of intermediate towers and foundations for them. Backstay anchors are used to anchor the station. The advantage of this type of ropeways is the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble, as well as the low cost of a construction.

Snow-tubing attraction designed for recreation and entertainment of people of different age groups is gaining more and more popularity in Russia.

Riding uphill is carried out on tubes using unsupported surface lift equipped with an automatic hooking system at the bottom station and an automatic release system at the top station.

Unsupported surface lift or ‘Baby Lift’, as it is periodically called, is used to transport skiers, snowboarders on training slopes with a small inclined length.

Installation does not require the foundations manufacture and allows disassembly of the bearing structures at the end of the season without destroying them. Simplicity and convenience of unsupported surface lifts allows easy and quick lift transfer to a new place of operation.

We carry out all stages, from project development to object commissioning.

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