Design of ropeways and ski resorts

Ropeways start with the project documentation development.

Over 20 years of experience in the development of highly specialized design documentation for all types of ropeways.
Modern electronic database of design documentation and technical solutions for ropeways.
Extensive experience in passing ropeway projects пimplemented in the protected areas and in difficult natural conditions through the Glavgosexpertiza (Main State Expert Review Board) to receive a positive opinion.
Own geodetic department equipped with high-precision satellite equipment.

SKADO Project develops a complete set of documentation for the ropeways construction and infrastructure.

In addition to preparing the project sections at the stage D (design documentation) and E (execution project documentation), we also provide support at the stage of passing through the state expertise authority and receiving its positive opinion on the design and estimate documentation.

The SKADO group of companies has gained rich experience in developing concepts and master plans for the planning ski resorts, which allows using the territory and landscape with the greatest economic efficiency and commercial return, as well as highlighting the stages of ski center building and accordingly planning project costs accurately. As a result project investors get a comprehensive view of the future ski resort - its infrastructure, the required facilities for the complex operation, as well as the project budget plan even before the start of design.

Well-planned infrastructure of the future resort is the basis of a successful project. Land and infrastructure are important components in the design. We develop a master plan with a preliminary analysis detailing the infrastructure of the future ski resort, which in its turn will allow the investor to assess the risks timely, chances and opportunities to make the project profitable.

When implementing a large project, statistical, regional and economic analysis focused on the real market, in addition to creative and technical solutions play an important role. We take our customers and their ideas seriously and can proudly say that SKADO Project is your partner, contact and support when it comes to your project, regardless of its scale.

SKADO Project range of services

Development of the future ski resort concept, including master plan and feasibility study of the project.
Geodetic survey.
Creation and calculation of the ropeway profile.
Design documentation (D-stage and E-stage).
Project Support during the passing through of various levels examinations, including Glavgosexpertiza (Main State Expert Review Board), working out comments until a positive opinion is received.
Development of documentation for construction and installation works.
Development of operational documentation.
Design and technological solutions development and implementation in the performance of works on technical re-equipment and restoration of ropeways that were in operation.

Our services

  • Master planning.
  • Ropeways.
  • Ski slopes.
  • Rodelbahn.
  • Snowmaking systems.
  • Development of lakes for snowmaking.
  • Snow parks and children's parks at the ski resorts.
  • Summer concepts.
  • Lighting systems.

Video review from ready objects

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