Construction and installation works of any complexity

Construction and installation works of any complexity

Construction of ropeways (including function performance of the general contractor).
Assembling of equipment and metal constructions of ropeways.
Technical re-equipment of ropeways that were in operation.
Maintenance (including the rope shortening and splicing).

The SKADO company provides services in the field of construction and installation and installation supervision works of any complexity.

We work throughout Russia and the near abroad. Years of experience and application of the most suitable installation and

construction technologies for each object allow us to provide services at a high level and just in time.

The company's technical staff is highly qualified and is able to perform any type of construction and installation works, and this is the key for successful commissioning of objects.

The list of services

  • Acting as a general contractor.
  • Earthmoving: digging pits and trenches for separate towers, caves, strip foundations; loading, moving, unloading soil; backfilling and installation of the embankment, soil compaction.
  • Piles driving or submerging, installation of pile foundations.
  • Erection of stone constructions (walls, towers, bollard, arches) from piece stones and blocks.
  • Installation of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions: installation of formwork and reinforcement, preparation of concrete mixture, transportation and laying it with compaction in a form (formwork); creation of conditions necessary for concrete hardening (concrete maintenance); formwork removal; fixing sections and joints between prefabricated parts.
  • Installation of constructions: delivery to the workplace, installation, alignment and fixing of finished parts and components (steel, concrete, reinforced concrete, wood, asbestos-cement and other materials).
  • Carpentry and joinery works.
  • Roof works.
  • Assembling and repair of technological equipment.
  • Anti-corrosion and fire protection of process equipment and building constructions.
  • Electrical mounting of any complexity.

Built objects

  • FGKU "Sanatorium "Chernomorye", Yalta
  • Ski resort «Gora Sobolinaya », Baikalsk-city
  • Ski centre of company «Baikal-Hotel», village Listvyanka
  • Ski resort "Gora Pihtovaya", Bratsk-city
  • Ski resort«Tanai», Kemerovo-city
  • Ropeway over river Tom, Mezhduretshensk-city
  • Centre of tourism and ski sport "Alpika-Servis", village Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi-city
  • Mountain touristic centre "Gazprom", village Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi-city
  • Ski resort "Rosa Khutor", village Krasnaya Polyana,Sochi-city
  • «Safari-Park», Gelendzhik
  • Entertaining park «Bobroviy Log», Krasnoyarsk-city
  • Ski resort «Puhtolova gora», Zelenogorsk-city
  • Base "Luzhki", Moscow region
  • Ski resort "Gora Lisja", Moscow region
  • Sport-entertaining centre "Yahroma", Dmitrovskiy region
  • Ropeway over river Ural, Orenburg-city
  • Ski resort "Dolina" ("Kuvandyk"), Kuvandyk-city
  • Ski resort Gribanovka, Vladivostok-city
  • Ski resort on lake Kandry-Kul, Tuimasy-city
  • Sports and fitness complex «Tramplin», Ufa-city
  • Touristic entertaining centre «Dombai-Arhyz», village Dombai
  • Ski resort «Tshei», Tshei gorge
  • Ski Sport-heath complex «KAZAN»,KAZAN-city
  • Ski resort "Tatneft on base of sanatorium "YAN" Almetjevsk-city
  • Ski resort "Fedotovo", Naberezhnye Tshelny
  • Ski resort "Sok", village Krasnaja Glinka, Samara city
  • Ski resort "Sklon", village Malaja Tsharevstchina, Samara city
  • Sanatorium "Volzhskiy Utes", village Ussolye, Shigony-region
  • Ski resort "Gora Vishnyevaya", Saratov-city
  • Park-hotel "Khvalynskiy", Khvalynsk-city
  • Ski resort «Gorniy Vozdukh», Juzhniy-Sakhalinsk-city
  • Ski resort «Gora Belaya», Nizhniy Tagil-city
  • Ski resort «Zhavyalikha», Tryokhgorniy-city
  • Ski resort «Leninskie gorki», Uljanovsk-city
  • Ski resort «Tshekeril», Izhevsk-city
  • Sport touristic centre «Nestchkino», Izhevsk -city
  • Biathlon center,Khanty-Mansiysk-city
  • Recreation centre "Evrasia", Kussa-city
  • Ski Komplex «Solnetshnaya Dolina», Miass-city
  • Republik ski centre «Sylytshy», Minsk region
  • Ski resort «Logojsk», Minsk region

The company SKADO Stroy Montage consists of:

  • Ropeways sales department
  • Project Management and Technical department
  • Construction and installation department
  • Service department
  • Spare parts department
  • Department for supply of additional equipment for ski slopes
На расчет стоимости или на заказ канатной дороги
  • Чекерил
  • Соболиная гора
  • Горный воздух
  • Хвалынь
  • Роза Хутор
  • Гладенькая