Fabrication of metal structures and production services

Fabrication of metal structures and production services


Manufacturing of metal constructions of any complexity
Unique modern equipment
European quality of products

The company is a part of the SKADO group of companies and has a powerful production base; its own workshops and equipment for the manufacture of unique and critical metal constructions of increased complexity for ropeways in accordance with international quality standards.

Every year, the company undergoes international certification, the results of which consistently confirm the production status that manufactures high-quality product: towers, yokes, technical service catwalks, embedded parts and other ropeway units.

Производственный процесс

The company has many years of experience in the design and construction of ropeways throughout Russia and the CIS countries. To reach the level of high world production standards, in 1997 SKADO entered the Doppelmayr Holding (Austria). For 22 years the company has built more than 402 ropeways. The fleet of unique equipment allows us not only to work stably, but also to develop new types of products, as well as advanced European-level technologies in the field of metalworking and assembly and welding production. The quality of manufactured products meets the European standards, which is regularly confirmed by relevant certificates and control results from the side of European partners.

Many years of experience allows us to boldly manufacture metal constructions of any complexity. We are also ready to create products according to your drawings and sketches. Today, metal constructions manufactured by SKADO are widely used in various industries: industrial, construction, oil and gas, chemical, tourism and many others.

The manufacture of metal constructions is a complex and responsible process, to which we treat with special attention. Our plant has the most advanced equipment, which allows us to obtain high-quality products.
The main type of assembly of metal constructions is assembly by welding, which is carried out on equipment of the latest generation in semi-automatic and automatic modes in a protective gas environment on jigs specialized for each type of construction.
The total area is about 5000 sq.m. The main production equipment includes: Kristall plasma cutting machines, a lathe machine (processing parts with a diameter of up to 6000 mm), semi-automatic welding machines, edge milling machines, a DAVI four-roller folding machine and much more.

Our services

  • Plasma and gas cutting;
  • Turning/lathe works;
  • Milling;
  • Rolling of sheets and structural stock;
  • Welding works of any complexity;
  • Paint work;
  • Metal folding and cutting;
  • Shot blasting and sandblasting of metal;
  • And much more.

Non-standard equipment

Technological metal constructions:

  • Building metal constructions;
  • Non-standard equipment;
  • Frames of modular buildings;
  • Communication towers;
  • Water towers;
  • Batchers, tanks, silos;
  • Frames;
  • Stairs;
  • Platforms;
  • Fences;
  • Shelving;
  • Stands;
  • Antenna and floodlight towers and towers;
  • Light towers;
  • Power transmission tower from 0.4 to 1500 kV;
  • Towers and trestles for pipelines;
  • And much more.
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