Servicing of ropeways

Over 20 years of experience
Qualified personnel for maintenance of ropeways
Own specialized technological tool
Service and spare parts department

In order for your resort to always operate without downtime and be successful, ropeway must always function properly and comply with all safety standards during its entire service life.

We offer support for a wide range of services throughout the entire life cycle of your ropeway: from production, assembly, commissioning to modification and postproduction change.

Service department of SKADO carries out warranty repair and maintenance of ropeways and equipment for ski resorts.

It is necessary to pay attention to such a specific operation for ropeways as preparation, splicing and shortening of the haul rope, which subsequently affects the safe operational performance of the ropeway. The ropes used for ropeways are an expensive, high-tech and responsible product, which can only be handled by specialists who have been trained and have an appropriate certificate of a splicer or a certificate from the world's leading rope manufacturers.

We are constantly improving the skills of service engineers and the installation department, as well as increasing the stock of consumables and components, which in its turn affects the reduction of troubleshooting time.

A mandatory condition of the implementation of construction, installation and commissioning (CW) is competent support in the preparation of all the necessary executive documentation required by Building Regulations and Guidance Documents.

Types of repair work

  • Mechanical repair work and mechanical damage elimination of stations, towers, carrier of ropeways.
  • Repair work of hydraulic systems.
  • Repair work of electrical networks.
  • Diagnostics of the technical condition and drawing up a list of the need for spare parts.
  • Rope splicing, replacement and installation of new ropes.
  • Flaw inspection of ropes.
  • Cable replacement, cable repair.
  • Technical operation of ropeways.
  • Technical certification of ropeways.
  • Training of personnel (on the implementation of routine maintenance, as well as on the maintenance of ropeways).
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