The history of the company

SKADO group of companies (Samara Ropeways) was founded in September 1939. In September 2019, we celebrated our 80th anniversary.

The plant has been specializing in the production of metal constructions for ropeways since September 1963. SKADO is the only organization on the territory of the former USSR that has its own experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of ropeways, accumulated over more than 50 years.

In the 1970s and 1980s, with our direct participation, cargo ropeways were built and put into operation for chemical plants, mining and processing plants and coal mines in various regions of the former USSR: in Lithuania, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine. A large cargo ropeway was also manufactured for Vietnam (city of Nghe Tinh (Nghệ Tĩnh). With the participation of SKADO, passenger ropeways were built in the cities of Kislovodsk, Yalta, Sochi, several ropeways in the Elbrus region, in Dombay, in the Chimbulak gorge and in other famous cities.

Over the past 15 years, SKADO together with Doppelmayr company (Austria) has built more than 400 different modern ropeways in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and Mongolia.

For example, in 2000 in the Ural Mountains (city of Trekhgorny) the first six-seater detachable chairlift in Russia was built.

In 2003, not far from the city of Magnitogorsk (Lake Bannoye), the first ropeway in Russia with cabins detachable at stations was built.

In 2007, a unique combination lift was built on Sakhalin Island, where the possibility of simultaneous use of both chairs and cabins was realized. It was the first ropeway of this type, not only in Russia, but also in the world.

We are proud to have been the main contractor for the construction of ropeways for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

Since 2009, SKADO has certified the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008), which confirms the organization's ability to produce products that meet consumer expectations, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.

The management and specialists of SKADO are being constantly trained and certified in the field of industrial and environmental safety, improve their skills in training centers for advanced training and retraining of personnel.

Our mission

THE MISSION is to create high-quality cable transport systems for various purposes and ski centers.

The strategic goal (VISION) is to maintain and strengthen the leading positions in the creation of cable transport systems and ski centers.

The priority of the organization's activities is an integrated approach to the provision of services and the desire to comply with the expectations of customers in the design, manufacture, installation, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of passenger and cargo cable transport systems for various purposes, construction and equipment of ski centers.

To ensure sustainable success in the activities of the organization, the following priority areas are identified:

  • proactive response to changes in the organizational environment, formalization of problems, assessment of customer satisfaction, development of the organization's advantages;
  • initiating the development and mastering of innovative solutions, increasing the range of projects and products;
  • improvement of production based on the use of modern equipment, advanced technologies and the use of new materials;
  • organization of production in accordance with contractual terms, reduction of internal inconsistencies, cost reduction and resource saving;
  • high-quality and fast installment of cable transport systems;
  • development of services, creation and maintenance of a database for maintenance during operation;
  • improving the procurement of materials, components and services based on the formation of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers;
  • increasing competence, qualifications, knowledge and skills, as well as the formation of personal knowledge of specialists performing work that affects product quality;
  • work on training and certification of the organization's specialists in the field of industrial and environmental safety;
  • ensuring compliance with the requirements for infrastructure and production environment, labor protection for personnel, and improving industrial and environmental safety.

The General Director of SKADO undertakes to increase the satisfaction of all stakeholders of the organization, ensure the effective functioning of the quality management system, fulfilling the requirements of the quality management standard GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008). .

The policy of SKADO in the field of quality is applied in conjunction with the approved Mission, Vision and key principles of quality management of the organization.


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In the video you can see the ropeway produced by SKADO.

Photos of our company

Videos of our company

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