up to 3200 passengers per hour
up to 6 meters / sec
4-6 and 8-seater chair
up to 10 passengers in one cabin

This innovative high-speed ropeway system combines the advantages of a gondola lift and a chair lift. Gondolas and chairs are used simultaneously, and the loading and unloading areas are separated and meet the requirements of this carrier.

Due to their high versatility, passenger ropeways are very well suited for winter and summer tourism areas. Depending on the season, weather conditions and the wishes of the client, the ratio of cabins and seats can be changed accordingly.

Thus the use of gondolas in the summer provides convenient transport for wheelchair users, strollers or bicycles. The owner of a ropeway can simply remove the chairs from the line, while the cabins will be effectively used.

In the winter, gondolas are highly appreciated by families with children while the accomplished winter sports practitioner will prefer riding on a chair without having to remove skis, snowboards, etc. This is an effective option that meets the individual needs of the passengers.

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