Description, purpose and features

Maximum capacity
1800 people per hour
Belt speed
From 0.2 to 0.7 m/s
up to 150 m

Carpet lift is a ground type of lift, which is a moving flexible track, which consists of a frost-resistant rubber coating. As an additional comfort, the carpet lift can be equipped with a gallery that protects skiers from natural rainfalls.

Carpet lift is used in winter and summer periods. In winter, it takes skiers and snowboarders uphill to the snowy slopes. In summer, the lift takes hikers, cyclists up the slope or to other attractions in your resort.

Another popular area for using a carpet lift is the transportation of visitors with snow-tubes, as it is safer and has a greater capacity, unlike the Unsupported Surface Lift.


  • High capacity.
  • Ideal for children and beginning skiers.
  • Load-bearing structure made of high quality galvanized steel.
  • Height-adjustable legs of modular elements.
  • Modular system provides ease of installation and the ability to adjust the length of the lift.
  • The side paths are covered with a slip-proof terrain.
  • The lift is equipped with 2 portable control panels: on the top and bottom station.

Benefits of a carpet lift

  • High safety, carpet lift has an automatic stop of a belt when objects get inside.
  • Moderate cost compared to other types of ropeways.
  • Suitable for installation in training centers.
  • Able to independently and safely transfer the smallest skiers.

We work with suppliers and manufacturers directly. Leave a request and we will select a carpet lift for your tasks, landscape and budget.


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